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LESA Podcasts



Episode 1, Part 1: What are customers looking for from dealers in terms of vehicle video? Is it necessary to create highly produced walk-arounds in order to engage with online shoppers? 



Episode 1, Part 2: How can LESA assure a dealer that their videos are being watched? What makes LESA the automotive video experts?

Episode 2: Video and audio quality. Are these important factors in an automotive marketing video? Is one factor more important than the other? Tom and Austin continue their conversation and hash out the pros and cons of each. They begin with a short segment about the three most important visual qualities of a vehicle video, and pivot into a longer discussion about audio’s (in particular voice-over audio’s) influence on viewers.

Episode 3: Metrics. Once you have a video program in place, what metrics can you track that show how video is working for your dealership? Tom explains why one stat in particular might be all you need to assess video’s influence in your marketing initiatives. He also describes how LESA provides their clients with this metric an more, so that dealers can make informed decisions regarding their video campaigns.

Episode 4: Pre-roll videos. Do they videos still have value? How, if at all, do they add to a customer’s experience when they are watching multiple vehicle videos on a dealer site? Tom and Austin discuss pre-roll video’s place on an automotive site and provide some tips on how to best utilize it should a dealer choose to add them to their inventory videos.