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Get the perfect shot
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AI Background Enhancement

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Our Customers

With LESA AI Background Enhancement, seasonal obstacles such as snow and rain, location issues, costly staging set-ups, and unsightly background objects are a thing of the past. Leverage the power of AI to add an attractive, uniform background to every listing to give your inventory images a professional look and feel. Choose from our background library or give us one of your dealer images to use. We’ll make it easy for you to stand out from the competition!

Shorten Time to Market

Don’t worry about exact vehicle placement when shooting your photos. Shoot as-is and leave the background to us.

Increase Uniformity

Bring consistency to your site for a clean, professional look.

Increase Brand Recognition

Make a lasting brand impression with every photo with an added logo.

Shift Focus

Take attention away from surrounding elements and let the viewer focus on what matters: your inventory.

DIY Efficiency

Our self-serve dashboard makes it easy to get the consistent, professional look you want.

With just a few clicks, you can:

  • Create your own rules

  • Upload your own background or select one from the library

  • Preview in real time, using images of your own cars

With your dashboard rules in place, simply start uploading vehicle photos and your perfect background will be applied automatically. 



Let’s get started

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Background Enhancement