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It’s not always easy to build an effective group site. There are lots of moving parts.

You need a site that

  • reflects your large and constantly changing inventory accurately and in detail
  • integrates with your DMS and CRM
  • is user-friendly and intuitive to make browsing pleasant and inviting
  • works seamlessly on mobile devices
  • ensures data security and privacy
  • enhances your online visibility
  • integrates online and offline sales channels
  • enables a coherent digital marketing strategy
  • complies with industry regulations

LESA’s video-centric solution brings it.

Our solution for dealership groups aligns your site with what consumers experience online today and what they’ll expect going forward by enabling them to explore your combined inventory in a highly interactive environment, while you enjoy the efficiency of focusing your marketing dollars in one place, unrestrained by OEM limitations.

What do we mean by video-centric?

We’ll make your group site

  • Immersive
  • Highly visual
  • Multimedia-based

Evolution = Engagement = Impact

We’ll help you create an online shopping environment that matches today’s expectations so your stores can:

  • Take part in social media trends
  • Leverage sharing capability
  • Create an immersive virtual shopping environment
  • Go beyond simple AI chat to personalized video messaging

Our tools drive engagement with your site content, which has an impact you can’t afford to miss out on.

Vehicle details page (VDP) engagement with multimedia has been shown to result in:

And adding multi-media (photos, video, 360 spin) results in:

  • 20% increase in session time overall on the dealer site
  • An average of 30+ hrs/ month spent on multimedia player

Expand your marketing reach with higher visibility

Build lasting customer relationships

Compete with mega-retailers

Keep it simple and accurate with automation

Partner with LESA to build your dealer group site the way you want and reap the benefits of a more engaging virtual showroom.

Step 1: Create a video library

Our Video Inventory tool enables you to create a video library of every vehicle in your inventory quickly and easily, and automatically syndicates this same video content to YouTube, , Autotrader and Facebook Marketplace. 

Your video library can also be leveraged in your Advertising Campaigns, such as Facebook Catalog Ads, YouTube pre-roll ads and more.

Step 2: Build a video-centric merchandising strategy and update it in real time.

With LESA’s multimedia gallery player embedded in your site, customers can go to a vehicle onyour site and experience it through photos, video, and 360 spin all from the same listing, as if they were at your store in person.

And when a new vehicle comes in and you shoot its photos and video, the new content appears on your site in real time.

Photos – From this same video library, you can create an outstanding photo gallery that takes advantage of AI-powered Background Enhancement and customized Background Music.

Spin – Give potential buyers a superior spin with our smooth, HD Ultra 360 Spin tool that keeps them engaged and on your site. Enhanced with AI Spotlight technology, Ultra 360 Spin allows shoppers to easily zoom in on important car details such as cup holders, buttons, tires, steering wheel, navigation and more.

OEM video integration – Our Vehicle Feature Videos combines OEM vehicle videos with your walk-around videos in the same Media Player so your shoppers can find all the vehicle info they need in one place.

Damage tagging – Build trust through transparency with our Damage Tagging feature. With our easy to use app you can identify imperfections on your used inventory while taking video of the vehicle.

Step 3: Layer in social media to expand your reach.

Google My Business auto-posting draws in local traffic 

with a carousel of 15-20 new or used vehicles from your inventory library. You decide which vehicles to post and when or let us do the posting for you. Once a vehicle sells, another post fitting your desired criteria will replace it automatically.

And by activating Google Business Profile Live Inventory, Google users can search, filter, and easily learn more about cars for sale, giving your dealership extra visibility.

With just a few clicks our included Automated Social Media tool lets you post this same video content to the most popular platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Google My Business, where it can reach that massive audience of active online vehicle shoppers.

With LESA Dynamic Facebook Ads, HD full-motion video ad content is tailored specifically to your inventory, changes based on a visitor’s behavior, and leads a customer directly to a vehicle description page.

Step 4: Communicate with personalized video

LESA’s powerful Dealer Video Suite tool kit leverages your existing video library to help you build trust and connect with customers easily, efficiently, and authentically using picture-in-picture technology.

Capture leads – with our personalized, full-motion Walk-around Video. Allow your sales team to send personalized walk-around video with picture-in-picture messages, branding, custom voiceover, background music and more, all without having to leave their workstation to shoot video.

Respond to Leads – with personalized vehicle videos. Our Dealer Video Suite lets your sales professionals personalize existing inventory vehicle videos for leads in under 2 minutes and keep all the communications in their CRM. Every shopper receives a video landing page customized for them that is designed to convert them into a buyer.

Celebrate your sales and your customers – with LESA’s Video Testimonials. Enhance your online reputation with real people in real videos and share them with your audience.

Build long-lasting customers – with Thank-You Videos. Sending a thank-you video adds a personal touch, introduces new customers to your service department, and encourages referrals and repeat business.

Showcase special vehicles – with our Promo Video tool. Have a particularly interesting vehicle or a limited-time offer you’d like to promote? Create a promo video and get the word out! Share directly to your website, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter). You can even set an expiration date that removes the post automatically.

Evolve to succeed

LESA’s dealership group solution offers the freedom, efficiency, and savvy consumer engagement you need to stand out and pull buyers away from the competition.


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