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Google Business Profile Live Inventory

Include your inventory on Google through your Business Profile. By activating live inventory, Google users can search, filter, and easily learn more about cars for sale, giving your dealership extra visibility.


Show your dealership’s
auto inventory on Google

Now Google users can see what’s in your local inventory through your Business Profile on Google, enabling you to promote every make and model you have on hand.

What does it look like?

  • A “Cars” tab will be available in your Google Business Profile 

  • Your full inventory will be listed within your Google Business Profile and will also link directly to your VDPs.

  • All photos and features in your vehicle inventory will update every 4 hours within the Google vehicle listing.

    What does it look like?

    Ready to get Started?

    If you’re ready to put your inventory front and center of your shoppers’ Google searches, click the button now! We’ll set up an inventory feed from your provider and submit your vehicle inventory to Google every 4 hours.