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Respond to leads with personalized vehicle videos in under 2 minutes

Conquest your competitors

DVS for BDC is lead response for the digital age. With DVS, any dealer with a webcam can personalize inventory vehicle videos for their leads in under 2 minutes and keep all the communications in their CRM. Every shopper receives a video landing page customized for them that is designed to convert them into a buyer.

Get more responses and sell more cars. Let your competitors continue sending walls of text to their shoppers. Leave them in the dust with DVS for BDC.


A video thumbnail can improve subscriber engagement by almost 41% when it’s included in an email.

-Campaign Monitor, 2020

How We Help You Get An Edge

Convert Shoppers

Our Landing pages give shoppers multiple ways to interact with your dealership: Auto-generated VDP URLs for every vehicle in your inventory, sales rep contact cards, customizable call-to-action buttons, map/directions to your dealership, and more.

Shopper Insights

Track all landing page activity in real time to determine when a shopper is ready to buy.

Your Branding

Customize the landing page logo, background, and buttons to match your website’s appearance.

CRM Integrated

Easily paste customized video thumbnails into your lead responses and receive notifications for video views and landing page form fills.