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Tag: dealership marketing

New Google rankings are a 2020 SEO Game-Changer

Google changed the way they sorted relevant content starting in 2019. What does that mean for your dealership and and how should you be changing your website for 2020 SEO standards?

The Change: You are what you E-A-T.
Google will be prioritizing content fitting the following guidelines. Make sure your online content reflects your dealership’s:
E-Expertise: create blog posts and videos demonstrating your automotive knowledge (think basic maintenance how-to’s, vehicle feature explainers, etc.)
A-Authoritativeness: share customer testimonials and blog posts written by those with industry credentials.
T- Trustworthiness: make sure your site security is state of the art and offer a user-friendly visiting experience. Offer your visitors a cut-free, full motion video of each vehicle in inventory.

For more in-depth information on this change and how to integrate video to boost your dealership’s trustworthiness rating and SEO, visit our products page or contact us to schedule a demo!