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LESA Merchandising Package Add-Ons to Consider

LESA recently announced video merchandising packages to simplify its offerings that drive unique value for car dealerships looking to sell their inventory online. In our last blog, “LESA Video Merchandising Packages For Car Dealerships Simple and Drive Value for Websites,” we discussed the three different packages: Pro, Elite and Ultimate which offer different price points for dealerships based on their budget.

In addition to the three packages offered through LESA, there are also optional add-ons that dealerships can add on to their packages based on their unique needs. We break down the a la carte options below to help dealerships understand the value offered by LESA’s numerous video centric products.

Photo Capture in DVI

Today’s mobile phones have excellent photo and video taking capabilities. The cameras are so good that you can shoot high resolution videos and photos from your smartphone that look professional. LESA’s DVI (Dealer Video Inventory) App allows you to not only capture videos, but also photos. Being able to take photos and videos with the same app provides the following benefits:

  1. Don’t have to carry multiple devices. You can use the same app for both on the same device.
  2. The app has the dealerships inventory loaded on it, so you can simply scan the VIN if the vehicle and it will find the car in the inventory list and allow you take photos against it. These photos are then associated with the correct stock number everywhere the car goes, whether it goes to the website or any third-party sites. As a result, the big benefit is that you get photos up on your website much quicker than compared to using a traditional camera. With a traditional camera, you have to take a chip and put it into a computer, then go to an online dashboard and find the car.
  3. The app even allows you to take photos while recording a walk around video. As a result, you get both a video and a full set of photos of the car in one task. This can help save time when having to shoot multiple vehicles.

The bottom line is photo capture in DVI will help get photos to your website quickly and easily. Once you upload the photos to the app, LESA will syndicate the photos within 2 hours onto third-party websites.

Window Stickers

New cars come with window stickers. Used cars typically have to print new window stickers with important information since the original was removed. LESA DVI app allows you to print window stickers from the app which offers dealerships a huge benefit of easy printing.

Once the dealership is setup on the LESA dashboard, you can put together a window sticker template of what information you want to print and the layout. The LESA template tool allows you to easily drop and drag information that goes into the window sticker which can be printed directly through the app through Wi-Fi printing.  Additionally, the app allows for different templates to be created for different vehicles, for example you can create a different window sticker for used vehicles and certifies used vehicles. LESA’s DVI app has the capability of printing QR codes on the window sticks that will take consumers directly to the VDP, helping them learn more about that car

LESA’s app also has capabilities to print a buyer’s guide. For more information, please contact a member of the LESA team.

Photo & Video Cloning

Photo and video cloning is beneficial for dealerships to create a multimedia experience for new vehicles in two different ways:

  • Inventory shortages: Many dealerships across the nation have experienced inventory shortages, which can take away from showcasing new cars on your dealership website. Dealerships often have cars in transit that they want to show on their website, but haven’t received the vehicle to take walk around videos and photos. Photo and video cloning allows you to use photo and videos from vehicles that has the same trim, exterior and interior color and options. from your vehicle inventory and duplicate the content to ensure it’s showing as another option on your website. When you create a duplicate video, LESA ensures to use different custom VoiceOver scripts and background music to make sure that even if the video is of the same car, they are unique and different videos. This benefits car dealerships as they can have a multimedia experience for cars in transit compared to just a stock photo.
  • Multiple of the same cars: As the chip shortage continues to slow down, many car dealerships are no longer facing inventory shortages and have plenty of cars on their lot. Photo and video cloning can be beneficial when dealerships have multiple of the same cars that they don’t want to have to shoot multiple videos. Once you have shot a video and photo for a particular make, model and color, the incoming vehicles will be cloned if there’s a match. Let’s say your dealership has 30 identical new cars, you only have to shoot one video and can put different custom VoiceOver script and background music to make the video unique but save you ample time when it comes to having to record walk around videos.

Photo Background Enhancements

Not all car dealerships have the perfect staging area to shoot inventory photos and videos. Especially dealerships in the city environment aren’t able to take professional photos of their inventory to showcase online. In fact, numerous dealerships pay tens of thousands of dollars for a proper staging area or a photo booth. Custom backgrounds are a much more economical alternative to having a professional background.

Custom backgrounds can help your website have a professional feel, which can also help build trust with potential car shoppers. Custom backgrounds can improve the car shopping experience on your website in numerous ways:

  • Shorten Time to Market: Don’t worry about exact vehicle placement when shooting your photos. Shoot as-is and leave the background to us.
  • Increase Uniformity: Bring consistency to your site for a clean, professional look. This is especially helpful to have consistency across your search results page.
  • Increase Brand Recognition: Make a lasting brand impression with every photo with an added logo.
  • Shift Focus: Take attention away from surrounding elements and let the viewer focus on what matters: your inventory
  • Maintain authenticity and stand out: So many car dealerships use images that look alike. Your dealership has the chance to stand out by creating custom backgrounds.

Seller’s Comments on VDP’s

LESA’s has the ability to autogenerate the sellers’ comments on the vehicle details page based on our professionally written custom VoiceOver scripts. Some dealerships have to hire someone to write the sellers comments, which can be costly and cause delays waiting for someone to write comments for each vehicle. LESA’s scripts are so well written from the vehicle walk around videos, that we can have the description done professionally and quickly while saving the dealership time and money.

Real Offer

As the car shortage continues, dealerships are looking to obtain additional used cars as the production on new vehicles continues to be a problem. Adding Real Offer to your website easily allows consumers to upload and submit vehicle videos to receive offers. Utilizing video technology helps provides more accurate appraisal estimates which attract consumers to trade-in their vehicle with your dealership. Real Offer is easy to use and has other benefits for car dealerships:

  1. Real-Offer button: it works really fast and is simply a link that can be embedded on your website, Facebook ad campaign, and Google Ad words campaign. The more places you are able to embed the link, the more opportunities for consumers to submit offers.
  • Web-based app: Real Offer works without the need of downloading an app from the app store. It’s web-based capabilities still allow the consumer to capture photos and videos and send to the dealer.
  • Pair with Other Tools: Real offer works great with Kelley Blue Book instant cash offer tool. Kelley Blue Book is able to provide a basic range of value for the car, and then the car dealership is able to provide an even more accurate offer with the submitted photos and videos.

Photo Slide Insertion

Photo slide insertion allows dealerships to create unique campaigns on the vehicle details page within the photo gallery. Dealerships have the ability to insert a slide within the photo gallery for a particular model and set an end date to the campaign where the slide will automatically be removed after the promotion is over. For example, your dealership can insert a slide such as “$299 lease special, 0% APR financing” on all Honda Accords through Memorial Day weekend, and the promotion will automatically be removed after the expiration date. This saves dealerships time and eliminates the need to hire team members to manage the promotions on the website.

Spanish Voiceover

Spanish is continuing to grow in popularity across the United States, and car dealerships that may have a target audience that include Spanish speaking customers can include Spanish VoiceOver. The Spanish button will be located next to the English video button to give your potential customers the option of which language to listen to when watching the walkaround video.

The Bottom Line:

LESA merchandising packages and add-on options can help engage online car shopper and sell your inventory online. The packages are simple to choose from and help accommodate dealerships with different budgets and goals. To learn more, please contact a LESA representative.