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Real Estate Agents: Stay Competitive and Boost Sales in a Buyer’s Market

The shift toward buyers’ markets is being driven by a number of key housing market metrics, most notably declining home sales.

• Mortgage rates are approaching 7%, but home prices are only slowly coming back down

• Inventory is still tight compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Still, the U.S. housing market will shift in favor of home buyers by the end of 2023, 44% of 107 economists and housing experts polled by real-estate company Zillow for its Home Price Expectations Survey said. And 12% of these experts believed that shift will happen sooner — that is, this year.

Real estate agents need to stay competitive in the changing environment in order to maintain sales. How can agents help clients find their dream home and attract new listings? LESA’s real estate vids app can help agents easily create personalized videos that show their clients they will go the extra mile for their success.

What Does LESA’s Real Estate Vids App Offer?

The Real Estate Vids app is a must-have toolbox for real estate agents who want to stand out from the crowd and show your clients how hard you have been working for them. Real estate agents can send personalized videos to clients based on their criteria. Let’s say your client is looking for a 4 bedroom home with a large backyard. The real estate vids app allows you to easily create video with seamless transitions and add personalized commentary to help highlight the benefits to your client. You can tell them what features have been renovated and what’s unique about the house in a short and engaging video clip to help you close the sale.

Your client will be super impressed with the time and detail spent on helping them find their dream home, opposed to just sending them multiple URLs online with little explanation. The app does not require you to shoot your own videos, you can simply enter in an address and pull the MLS listing photos to create a personalized video with picture-in-picture to allow the client to see a friendly face while learning about the home. Additionally, you can easily upload the videos from your professional videographer into the app.

The app allows you to easily create the following types of videos.

#1. Property Videos

Create polished and professional-looking property videos, complete with multiple clips, transitions, custom voice over, picture-in-picture and more.

How it Works:

There are two ways to create detailed property videos for your potential clients:

  • Virtual Video Tour from MLS: Create and send a virtual video tour using photos of any home listed in the MLS with optional picture-in-picture video voiceover. All you have to do is type in the address and the app will pull all the photos and information you need. The app even syncs the property description on screen giving you a custom script to use while recording the picture-in-picture while highlighting the features that matter most to your client.
  • Real Video Tour: Shoot multiple clips directly from your phone to create and send a professional looking property video complete with background music and transitions. Rather than having to record and talk at the same time, the app allows you to upload your own videos, and once they are synced into one video, you can add custom voiceover to highlight important details relevant to the customer. Once the customer receives the email or text, a link will take them to a very professional landing page with the video on it and the real estate agent’s contact info, giving them all the information they need in one place to take any next steps.

#2 Testimonial Videos

Create customer video testimonials to build your online reputation on your own terms. The testimonials will come from happy clients you helped find their dream home or sell their current one.

How It Works

Once you connect your YouTube account, the app will prompt you to enter the customer’s name. The app will then ask the customer to review and sign a release form providing consent to share this video publicly. A copy of the release form will be sent to the customer. Once a release form is signed, your customer can shoot the testimonial video. Next the video will be uploaded to YouTube via the Real Estate agent’s YouTube channel, and the testimonial will be optimized for SEO using Real Estate Vids App propriety data to ensure your video will show on the first page of google when searching your first and last name + “reviews”. Not only will this enhance the reputation of the real estate agent, but it will also help customers find you.

#3. Thank You Videos

Rather than sending postcards to thank the customers, you can send a personalized thank you video instead.

Want to increase referrals and get repeat business? Your customers will appreciate the personal touch of a custom thank you video. It’s personal touches like this that grow your loyal fanbase.

How It Works

Once you connect your YouTube account, the app will prompt you to select a recipient for the video. You can select the recipient from your address book or you can manually add a recipient.

The app will automatically use the front camera of your smartphone to let you record the thank you video.

As with property videos, the app will email or text the video to your client with a link to a very professional landing page with the thank you video and the real estate agent’s contact information. You will leave a very professional and lasting impression on your customer which will help increase repeat business and referrals.

How Real Estate Agents Can Use the App

Creating custom videos has never been easier. This will not require much time or effort on the real estate agents behalf but will go a long way in showing home buyers and home sellers that you are dedicated to helping them achieve their goals.

  • Use Photos from the MLS Listing: The app allows you to create a video without stepping foot in the house at all. The app has access to the MLS data and can access photos of the home by simply typing in the address. This is a much more personalized approach than sending them the link on Zillow, and will really show home buyers that you are dedicated to finding them their dream home. Once the MLS listing photos have been uploaded into an app and transformed into a seamless video, the real estate agent can add the picture-in-picture feature to further customize the video and tell your clients why this home fits their unique needs.
  • Shoot Videos from your Smartphone: The app is incredibly user friendly, and allows agents to upload photos and videos from their smartphone into the app. The app will merge the clips together and make smooth transitions to create a cohesive video. You can even add custom VoiceOver once the video is synced so you don’t have to worry about shooting and talking at the same time.
  • Use Photos/Videos from a professional photographer: Professional photographers can use the tools too. Whether they are sending the photos and videos to the real estate agent or creating the video themselves, simply uploading the content can create a compelling video for interested buyers. The picture-in-picture feature can help agent’s personalize the video to ensure their client’s know their agent went to extra mile and understands their unique needs.

How To Use The App To Get Real Estate Listings

Not only can the app help you cultivate great relationships with your current clients and narrow down choices, but a real estate agent can also gain listings from sellers by showing them they will go the extra mile to sell the home.

Real estate agents have unique leverage by having access to the app to showcase the homes with a personalized approach. This goes a long way in successfully selling homes in a buyers market. Seller’s want to be sure that their agents are doing everything possible to get the best buyers at the right price, and having access to the app to create custom videos sets you apart from most other real estate agents.

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