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Elevate your Online Sales Strategy with Custom Voiceover and Background Music

As online car shopping continues to evolve, car dealerships are constantly looking for ways to create a more emotional and visual experience for online shoppers. Dealerships can help create a desire to buy their cars with walk around videos with custom voiceover that help build an emotional connection while car shopping online. Adding custom voiceover and background music can help grab the attention of consumers, showcase features of the car, and make the experience more emotionally engaging resulting in important purchase decisions to be made.

What is automotive Voiceover?

Automotive Voiceover encompasses promotional media intended to promote a particular make and model of a car and all the features that make the car unique. It’s essential to have high quality Voiceover, and LESAs team of award-winning voiceover artists can develop well written scripts that evoke an emotional connection with the consumer. Not only is the voiceover creating an emotional connection, but it is also helping conveniently educating the potential buyer on the top features and options that may be important to make a purchase decision.

How Does LESA Voiceover and Background Music work?

Imagine shopping for a Honda Civic online and hearing the same voiceover script over and over again as you search for different colors of the car. This is likely to result in lost emotional connection and value for the car dealership in trying to showcase their cars and features to an online audience. This is exactly what makes LESA voiceover so unique, as it offers a variety of scripts to ensure that video voiceover is diverse and drawing upon the consumer emotion to educate and stay engaged. LESA has a unique script for every single make and model

Not only does LESA use a real person for the scripts, but they also use professional script writers to ensure the content is interesting and engaging. Compared to competitors, LESA voiceover is unique in the fact they have difference voiceover for different colors of the same model.

Voiceover Structure:

  • Intro sentences: For every model, there are 4 different intros so car shoppers can learn about the car without hearing repetitive Voiceover when watching videos of the same model.
  • Feature highlight: the custom Voiceover will highlight the top 20 feature options that are specific to that car giving car shoppers a good idea of what makes the car unique.  Every feature highlight allows the consumer to learn what options are available with that vehicle.
  • Outro sentences: For every model, there are also 4 different concluding sentences for the same model to help encourage the car shoppers to make a purchase decision.

Voiceover and Background Music Can Help Your Car Dealership Stand Out.

In a competitive environment such as the automotive industry, your vehicle walk around videos must connect with car shoppers on an emotional level to encourage purchase decisions. Custom voiceover is memorable, educational, and tells a story about each unique car. Background music can help the consumer relax and enjoy the process of learning about your inventory.

LESA background music has been selected to compliment the voiceover and offer a very memorable and personalized car shopping experience online.

Ensure Your Walk Around Videos Create an Emotional Experience with Custom Voiceover and Background Music

Stand out from local competition and sell more vehicles online by adding custom voiceover and background music to your walk around videos on your car dealership website. Let’s capture the imagination of potential car shoppers, together.

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