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Increase Your Quality Score with Video

Quality score is an important factor of paid-per-click ads on Google. It has an enormous influence over the the cost and effectiveness of your search campaigns. If you are a car dealership that relies on PPC ads, it is important you understand how to increase your quality score.

What Is Quality Score?

According to Google, Quality score is a diagnostic tool meant to give you a sense of how well your ad quality compares to other advertisers. This score is measured on a scale from 1-10 and available at the keyword level. A higher quality score means that your ad and landing page are more relevant and useful to someone searching for your keyword, compared to other advertisers.

How Is Quality Score Calculated

When Google calculated Quality Score, it takes into account three factors related to the keywords, ads and landing pages:

  1. Expected clickthrough rate (CTR): The likelihood that your ad will be clicked when shown.
  2. Ad Relevance: How closely your ad matches the intent behind a user’s search
  3. Landing page experience: How relevant and useful your landing page is to people who click on the ad.

Each component is evaluated with a status of “Above average,” “Average,” or “Below average.” This evaluation is based on a comparison with other advertisers whose ads showed for the exact same keyword, over the last 90 days.

Why Does a High Quality Score Matter?

Quality score is implemented to help show more relevant ads every time users search. In 2020, Google generated $147 billion in revenue from ads, so they have a huge incentive to make sure users find the ads they are searching for and clicking on them.

If google allowed low-quality ads, it could risk taking up space that could be replaced with more relevant ones, making less money in the short-term and risking its users long-term.

Having a higher quality score can help increase the amount your ads are shown and even reduce your CPC. This is a major reason that car dealerships need to be aware of and care a lot about their quality score, because it is one of the factors used to decide:

  • Which ads are eligible to enter the ad auction
  • How the eligible ads are ranked
  • What actual CPC the advertiser needs to pay

The Bottom Line:

If you have a higher quality score, your ad may be positioned higher which tends to get more clicks, which could result in more leads, and more chances to make sales. Additionally, advertisers benefit from a higher quality score because it means they have to pay less to maintain their position versus their next competition.

Videos: A Great Way To Increase Quality Score

One of the major components of running a PPC ad campaign is making sure you have a relevant landing page associated with your ad. That’s because landing pages are often the first touch point a prospect has with your brand, so it’s vital you create a great first impression and deliver a great experience.

It is critical to use original and engaging content on each of your landing pages which will add value and increase Quality Score for PPC campaigns. A great way to do this is with videos. When it comes to landing pages, adding video content can increase conversions by 85%. That’s not all it can do. It helps capturing attention increasing the time spent on the website, helps educate prospective customers and drive them to take action, and provide valuable analytics about what’s working.

Since google is directly comparing you to your competitors, having a great website and landing page with high engagement and time spend on website is one way to stand out. Not only will adding video content contribute to your quality score, it will also directly contribute to conversions as studies have shown that viewers retain 95% of a video’s message compared to 10% when reading text. High engagement and time spent on website are two great ways to prove to google your landing page has relevance to those that view it.

Why Should Car Dealerships Use Video to Increase Quality Score?

With the continued growth of online car shopping, which has heightened due to the pandemic, it is now more important than other to have a strong online presence. Many car dealerships are turning to PPC campaigns on Google, making quality score more relevant. If car dealerships can increase their quality score, they have a better chance of higher ad placement, which result in more clicks, at a lower CPC, which will allow for savings. One way this can be achieved is through the use of vehicle videos, promo videos or testimonial videos on your website and landing pages. Videos continue to prove to be the preferred source of content for consumers, as they retain the message and spend more time engaging with videos. This can help boost the relevance and performance of your landing page, helping you outrank your competition and bump up your quality score. After all, your quality score is a direct reflection of you vs. your competitors, so what are you doing that makes you stand out?

LESA Car Dealership Video Solutions

LESA is the largest dealer video inventory provider with 100K+ vehicle video views daily on our dealers’ internet destinations — Dealer Sites, YouTube, Facebook,, AutoTrader and more. Our full-motion walk-around videos have an 80% completion ratio average for a 2-minute video. This shows consumers are engaged and recognize the value that video provides. For more information, please get in touch with the LESA team.